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Unifuse Custom Plastic Design and Production

Businesses that want to keep their areas neat, manage waste, or bulk materials, or are looking for storage bins of any size and shapes, will find perfect sized bins of every nature, plus some stunning other plastic products from Unifuse LLC.  For decades we have been supplying innovative products to many clients, from government institutions to hospitals, with superior designs in custom plastics to suit specific requirements as an added service to the current range of products we regularly manufacture.  We have special bins great for shipping, plastic pallets in the newest designs, large and small storage bins, shelf bins, tool boxes, step stands, and many more, which can be seen in our catalog and ordered in any quantity you need.

    The services of custom plastics allows you to design the product you wish to have made by us, and we will make a perfect product at a cost effective price using our patented equipment that uses the latest in processes called vibrational molding. Custom plastics bins for your needs are far more cost effective than other materials because they will last you a lot longer, being crack proof, rust proof, and tough to withstand cracking or going out of shape. Ordering your custom plastics is easy using the online form provided, if you do not find something suitable in our already wide product selection. Ourcustom plastics products are designed using approved polyethylene and resins that are durable to last, so a great investment to save on your overheads.

    Unifuse LLC always goes the extra mile when it concerns providing quality, and you will see that there are some great attractive color options you can choose for your custom plastics, which will suit your company image and color scheme if you wish. We also make shelf bins for store hardware displays, or access for employees to items if you are building machines, and for assembly plants. The possibilities in custom plastics are simply endless, and now that you have found our online store, we suggest you bookmark it today to come back and see the new innovations we are always designing to meet the needs of all our clients. Have a look at the new products in custom plastics currently in production on our home page for examples.

    Ordering custom plastics is simple, and we accept credit card payments securely by phone as indicated to make it convenient to you. Join scores of satisfied clients that know we lead the way in value for money, innovation, customer services, and top quality custom plastics that suit any specific purposes. Unifuse LLC uses the new technology blow molding (VIM) vibrational molding and this is also a reason we are head and shoulders above all our competitors with the capabilities this can offer you in custom plastics. Our expert technical staff will help you with pertinent advice and suggestions for your custom plastic requirements after receiving your submitted designs with specifications.