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Durable Step Stands Help Prevent Workplace Injuries

By BDKLW Media on behalf of Unifuse 

Slip and fall accidents are harmful to workers and costly to employers.  The costs associated with slip and fall injuries totaled nearly $13.3 billion in 2009, the last year for which statistics are available.  Slip and fall injuries accounted for more than one-quarter of all workplace injuries, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

More than half of all non-fatal injuries that cause days away from work stem from same-level falls, which include falling off a ladder, step stool or step stand, according to the 2010 Conference on Fall Prevention and Protection.  If your work requires you to use a step stand, choosing one that is safe and reliable can help prevent injuries to workers and reduce costs to employers.

2 Step Safety Step Stand   3 Step with Hand Rails

Independent Safety Test Proves Durability of Unifuse Step Stands;

Unifuse plastic step stools, composed of one-piece molded polyethylene proved themselves supremely durable in tests conducted by the SGS US Testing Company, the world’s leading testing, verification and certification company.

SGS sampled three Unifuse three-step step stands to determine deflection of the top step over a load range and the strength of the unit when loaded at the top step.  To simulate actual use of the step stands, a wooden jig was constructed to mimic a person’s feet spaced six inches apart and to provide a contact area of 70 square inches (two 3 ½-inch by 10-inch blocks)

SGS testers applied compressive force evenly throughout the load range and recorded deflection values at regular intervals.  The results of the June 2010 test showed that Unifuse three-step step stands held up to 500 pounds or more of weight.

Testing of the three samples revealed these deflection rates;

 Deflection Table 

Test summary;

The peak force was the point at which the top step began to buckle under the jig and stretch beyond a reasonable point.  Under the jig, the peak load average of 1,967 lbs equals 28 psi.

A person weighing 250 lbs with a similar foot pattern to the jig would exert 3.6 psi which could be extrapolated to 7.2 psi when one foot is applied.  A laden person weighing 500 lbs would exert 7.2 psi on two feet or 14.4 psi on one foot.

At the 250 lb load the deflection of the three samples averaged 0.242 in. and at the 500 lb load the measured deflection of the same three samples averaged 0.384 in.

Once the deflection at the peak force was determined, the samples were loaded to an ultimate crushing force which was found to average 2,467 lbs.

At the conclusion of the testing, the step stands endured some stretching and bending, but no cracking or splitting was observed in the molded plastic shape of the step stands.

The stretching and bending is by design, an inherent feature of Unifuse’s plastic manufacturing process.  The flexibility of the step stands makes them more durable and able to withstand more weight load than any other step stands in the industry.

Unifuse Step Stand Features;

The U.S. General Services Administration  and companies such as FEDEX and Amazon  appreciate the safety and durability of Unifuse step stands.  The high-quality polyethylene is also resistant to degradation from the environment, including sunlight, oils and most chemicals. The step stands come in two standard colors – yellow and gray – but can be special-ordered in different colors when 10 or more units are purchased.

Other features of the step stands, which can also be used as step stools, include: 

  • Reliable traction.  The step stands feature self-draining grooves and high-visibility heavy-duty grit tape.
  • Stability.  Fitted rubber grommets reduce sliding and provide a wide flange range.
  • Tilt and Drag Capability.  The handrail 3 and 4-step models include rear-mounted 2-inch casters for easy maneuverability.
  • Options.  Add-ons include handrails, handles, casters, hot stamp embossing, stenciling and color mold-in decals.

To learn more about how Unifuse step stands can protect your workers and keep your work-loss costs down, contact a Unifuse representative at 845-889-4000 or use the Contact form on the Unifuse website.