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Poly Floor Trucks

Hospitality institutions, industrial kitchens, and laundromats looking for the perfect floor truck models to handle linen or waste food will find that Unifuse LLC offers you top quality, low-cost models to choose from, in a variety of attractive color options. Material handling, goods moving within manufacturing plants, produce, and waste management, and even storage can be done by means of using our superior quality floor truck. Check out the link on our website to these poly floor trucks, sanitary floor trucks, and elevated floor trucks and you will certainly be delighted at the quality design, plus the different options you have to choose from. If you like, we can even make a floor truck to suit your specifics, and all you need to do is submit your design using the online form provided.

Sanitary floor truck   Elevated floor truck     Poly Floor Truck

    When it comes to a selection of the best plastic storage bins, and material handling floor truckmodels you will find anywhere Unifuse LLC has perfected the design and we use FDA and USDA approved polyethylene and resins that make them durable to last for decades under normal usage conditions. You can order a floor truck with a lid, or without according to your preferences, and they are all fitted with quality swivel casters for easy movement. If you prefer, order special colors to suit your needs, or choose standard colors as indicated on our website. Your floor truck is tough, so it will not dent, chip, or corrode, and they are simple to maintain and keep clean as well.

    Click on the links to see what types of floor truck models we have available, with the different weight capacities shown for easy specification.  For kitchen waste management in hospitality intuitions, they are also extremely useful, and hospitals can also use them to load dirty linen.  Complete the quote request form to order as many floor truck bins as you need, but be sure to have a look at the different models we have available for you.  You can speak to our expert technical staff about a custom floor truck if you wish, and we will be happy to accommodate you.  Our state-of-the-art blow molding machines operate on a system called 'vibrational molding' technology so our capabilities in plastic product manufacture are simply endless.

    Unifuse LLC is the leader in innovation in plastic products for commercial industries, and even for home use if you like. Already we have provided custom made products for dozens of clients, and even special plastic components. We always have a stock of floor truck bins, and products featured in our catalog, which can be viewed online to see what there is available. You will find information and technical data on all our products to help you to make your final choices. Use the contact link to get in touch with any of our technical experts, ready to help you get the perfect floor truck, sani-truck, or storage bin that will last you for many years. Look forward to top level customer services, and a floor truck that will delight in every aspect in quality, and attractive design from Unifuse LLC.

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