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Large Bins

 If your company has been looking for superior quality designed large bins for specific purposes, you will be delighted at what you will find at Unifuse LLC.  You will find large bins of every design, with different features from hinged lids to swivel wheels, tilt-able bins, and swivel wheel large bins for easy mobility.  Our large bins, Bulk Tubs are already used by fortune 500 companies and government agancies throughout the country.  A few examples where large bins are used are in the health and medical industries, for food storage, for waste management, for marine use, plus even for safe shipping and transportation.  Our quality large bins come in a wide selection to choose from, and if you like, we will even custom make large bins according to your designs.  We have a large manufacturing facility with extensive capabilities to produce any large bin requirements specific to your needs.

Bulk Tubs   Stacking Tote

    Large bins from us are manufactured using superior resin and polyethylene, with special large binseven designed suitable for food storage, and transportation in bulk.  If you want to streamline your shipping, use our large bins are perfect.  These will make transport more cost effective and we definitely have the perfect products for you. Unifuse LLC continues to advance with new designs being constantly researched, to make it easy to handle any types of bulk materials and wastes.  Open our online catalog, where you are likely to find the perfect large bins with suitable features to make it easy to handle the materials you have in mind.  Our vibrational molding (VIM) process we use to manufacture large bins reduces plastic scrap, and we can make nearly any size and shape.

    Besides large bins we can also help companies with any specific products they require, manufactured from FDA and USDA approved resins.  The new designs of our plastic products are superb for warehousing shipping, and stacking, and at the same time, something positive for the environment because it cuts down on demand for wood pallets, thus saving trees.  Healthcare, laboratories, and waste management companies can source the perfect large bins they require, with mobility options, fitted with quality wheels.  Further useful accessories like step stands and trolleys to move heavy items and equipment, will also be found in our product range.

    Unifuse LLC is a company formulated on excellence in every way, from our production to customer services orientated to your complete satisfaction. Use large bins from us to keep your plant tidy, to store products, equipment and sensitive materials, and for all your shipping purposes.  Start by looking through our online catalog at the current designs of large bins we have for all the different purposes, or if you like, use the online form provided to let us know precisely what you are looking for.  Join scores of satisfied clients from government institutions to manufacturers that already use our large bins and other specialized material handling equipment to streamline their businesses in many different ways.