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The Benefits of LLDPE

LLDPE  – Features and Benefits
Industry Articles

LLDPE in Wikipedia.

Consumer Group Takes on Wood Pallets – “NCL reports that 10% of
the wood pallets tested positive for E. coli (though it was not the
most dangerous strain: E. coli O157:H7), and 2.9% of the wood
pallets tested positive for Listeria.”

 Modern Materials Handling 05/10

Study Says Plastic Reusable Containers are Fire Safe
- “reusable plastic containers (RPCs)
filled with commodities require no additional fire
safety measures than when the same products are
stored in corrugated containers”
- more -  05/09

tote and container basics
 -Choosing the

right plastic tote or container for your
application can be tricky. Here’s some help.
Materials Handling, 9/1/2007

industrial plastic tubs

Foods ‘ implementation of a bulk industrial
plastic tub system has enhanced efficiencies
and minimized material wastage for both
Sunbeam Foods and its industrial customers.

- study shows reusable pallets &
containers (RPCs) reduce environmental
burdens  – A study commissioned by a
group promoting reusable plastic pallets and
containers (RPCs) claims an environmental
advantage with their products compared with
the use of cardboard boxes.


 Our molding process creates containers

with thick walls providing a more sustainable product.


  • Provides the most crack and puncture resistant industrial containers providing a more sustainable solution.


  • is not an oil based product.
  • It is a byproduct of natural gas production and is not mined directly.  
  • We use only 100% virgin resin from the

world’s most respected supplier.

This makes a Unifuse
standard product or custom plastic container design the best
value in terms of increased efficiencies and
sustainable improvements.