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Unifuse Molded Plastics

You may be surprised at how many items you have in your home and business that are made of mold plastics. This refers to items that are made from one large piece of plastic rather than several attached to one another. Simple trash cans and even plastic ware is often made from a mold rather than having several pieces conjoined. There are reasons why so many products are made of mold plastics, and reasons why you should consider using these types of products in your home and especially in your business.

Durability of Molded LLDPE Plastics

    Why are so many products made of molded plastics?  Because any time there is a seam for anything, whether it's plastic or fabric or any other material, there is a lack of durability.  That seam can come apart more easily than any other part of the product.  You've probably heard the phrase that a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, and plastic products are only as strong as their seam!  But when you use vibrationally molded plastics you have fewer if any seams and therefore more durability.

    This of course is especially important for products you use in an industrial setting as they take the most abuse and suffer the most wear and tear. If you don't choose mold plastics you may see that plastic carts, bins, tubs, and other items seem to need replacing more often. Obviously this will greatly affect a company's bottom line! You may not think much of your plastic materials but when you need to replace them constantly or always buy new ones, then of course your profits will suffer. So it's always good to choose mold plastics when at all possible.

    This is true no matter the items you're purchasing; you may not think your items are taking that much abuse but when you're the one using the products, you realize how much of a beating they take!  Never dismiss the importance of using bins, buckets, tubs, carts, and containers that are made ofmolded plastics.

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How to Find Molded Plastics

    How can you know if you're purchasing items made of molded plastic?  Typically companies that use this method will advertise this to their customers as their products will be more durable.  If you don't see that your plastics vendor offers molded plastics, don't hesitate to ask about their manufacturing process.  If they don't mention using a single surface mold and that their products are one seamless piece, you may want to consider moving on to another vendor.

    If you're noticing that the products you already have are not standing up to abuse, then you should consider upgrading to products made from molded plastics even if they're not quite torn to shreds yet.   It's always better to replace products before there is a spill or before a stack of them collapses than it is to do so after there is an accident, when it may be too late!

For over 25 years Unifuse LLC has been redefining how plastics are made to become the manufacturing source for polyethylene containers, equipment, and custom solutions for a wide range of industries. Our unique Vibrational Molding (VIM) Process eliminates the traditional obstacles of plastic molding. Large designs can be produced quickly at a fraction of the cost of rotational or injection molding. Things are progressing by bounds in the composites field where we successfully molded mesh forms of various materials. Unifuse VIM allows “laminate molding” where we can mold layers.