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Plastic Manufacturer

How much thought do you give to your plastic manufacturer? Probably not a lot, at least not until you get double billed or are missing some equipment they should have shipped. But it's good to understand something about every vendor you choose and every piece of equipment you purchase for your business. If you don't make the right decisions about these things you may wonder why your medical waste carts, storage bins, tubs, and other equipment are falling apart and are so difficult to manage. Your plastic manufacturer is someone that deserves more than a cursory thought.

Materials and Manufacturing Process

What materials will your plastic manufacturer use? Are they directly mined products or oil based? This puts a lot of stress on the environment as natural resources are used for these products. How thick are the walls of your plastic products? Will they crack or break under pressure? These are things to consider when you think of your plastic manufacturer. If you see that your plastic products are very thin and somewhat fragile then of course this can cause a problem as you will need to replace them often. Keep in mind that your plastic items will take a lot of abuse and wear and tear, and they should be able to withstand these things.

You may also need to work with a plastic manufacturer that understand government regulations for certain items, such as medical waste transportation. You'll want your items to be made according to specifications.

Reputation of Plastic Manufacturer

What is the reputation of your plastic manufacturer? With whom do they conduct business and for how long? This can tell you quite a bit about their reputation and their quality. You may get materials for much cheaper from a newer company or one with fewer customers but of course, you typically get what you pay for!

If you work with a plastic manufacturer that already has an established reputation, especially one that works with hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and other such industries that adhere to the highest standards, then you know your products will also be of the highest quality.

Typically a plastic manufacturer is proud of the client and customer base they have; if they do not mention their clients on their website and advertising materials, you may want to ask yourself why that is. Usually it's best to choose a plastic manufacturer that already has an established reputation and that has proved itself to be able to adhere to standards when it comes to their product.

Until now you probably didn't give much thought to your plastic manufacturer. But obviously every vendor with whom you conduct business is important for your company's function and your bottom line. Poor quality products will need to be replaced often and a vendor with a poor reputation can mean problems with that very quality. So give some thought to your plastic manufacturer as you would with any vendor and your products will no doubt hold up as they should.