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Plastic Shipping Containers

There is no part of your business that is too small and insignificant that it doesn't warrant your attention. This includes your plastic shipping containers. There are many reasons why you should consider your choices in this matter and these reasons all affect your company's bottom line.


    In some cases you may have legal considerations when it comes to your plastic shipping containers. This might be true for the healthcare or medical industry or foodservice. It's always good to make sure you're choosing plastic shipping containers that adhere to legal qualifications and specifications. Not doing so can mean hefty fines, loss of materials, and the need to replace them anyway!

    It shouldn't be a problem finding a plastic manufacturer that makes plastic shipping containers that adhere to legal specifications. If they don't advertise as such, you may want to consider moving on to another vendor. Finding out if your containers are legal shouldn't be a problem that consumes much of your time and energy!


    As with anything and everything that needs to store or move your product, you want the most durable plastic shipping containers you can find. Obviously using something that is less than durable can mean losing items in transit or having them ruined because of flimsy containers.

    Typically molded plastics are the best choice for plastic shipping containers. These are containers made of one solid piece rather than more than one that is then joined together. When something has a seam to it, this can reduce the durability as that seam is vulnerable to breaking down more than the plastic itself. Most plastic shipping containers are made of molded plastic but it's always good to check anyway.

    You want to purchase the plastic shipping containers that are the thickest you can afford. When they're thick they're usually more durable and less vulnerable to breakage and chipping. Even plastic can crack, especially when it's thin and stiff. When you have a softer plastic that is thick, it's very difficult to break. This should be your first choice for plastic shipping containers.

    Of course your budget may be a concern but remember that your plastic shipping containers are an investment in the safety of your products. Having product that arrives contaminated or damaged, or that never arrives at all, is simply a waste of money! If you invest in good quality containers that are thick and durable and which will last you a lifetime, then you're likely to pay less for your containers overall.

    Chances are you never gave much thought to your plastic shipping containers but if not, it's time to think of them! Having flimsy containers that are prone to breaking and splitting will mean damaged materials and more costly replacements overall. It can also mean hefty fines if something were to happen and it's found out your plastic shipping containers did not meet legal specifications. So give these points some thought and make sure you have the best containers for your business.