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  • Durable Step Stands Help Prevent Workplace Injuries
    5/21/2012, Slip and fall accidents are harmful to workers and costly to employers. The costs associated with slip and fall injuries totaled nearly $13.3 billion in 2009, the last year for which statistics are available. Slip and fall injuries accounted for more than one-quarter of all workplace injuries, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.


  • Medical Waste Carts and Hazardous Waste Carts
    2/24/2012, Finding an Approved, Safe and Affordable Solution.


  • The Benefits of LLDPE
    LLDPE provides the most crack and puncture resistant industrial containers providing a more sustainable solution.


  • Bulk Material Handling Equipment
    Bulk bins are useful for hundreds of different purposes by almost every industry, store, medical institution, warehouses and factories.


  • Unifuse Custom Plastic Design and Production
    Businesses that want to keep their areas neat, manage waste, or bulk materials, or are looking for storage bins of any size and shapes.


  • Unifuse Poly Floor Trucks
    Hospitality institutions, industrial kitchens, and Laundromats looking for the perfect floor truck models to handle linen or waste food.


  • Unifuse Large Bins
    If your company has been looking for superior quality designed large bins for specific purposes.


  • Medical Waste Cart Product Line
    Chances are shopping for a medical waste cart is not your idea of an enjoyable job, but of course it needs to be done.


  • Unifuse Molded Plastics
    You may be surprised at how many items you have in your home and business that are made of molded plastics.


  • Plastic Manufacturer
    How much thought do you give to your plastic manufacturer? Probably not a lot, at least not until you get double billed or are missing some equipment.


  • Plastic Manufacturing
    When you consider all the items you need for your business, chances are plastic manufacturing is not high on your list of priorities.


  • Plastic Shipping Containers
    There is no part of your business that is so small and insignificant that it doesn’t warrant your attention especially when it comes to reducing your waste stream and replacement costs.